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Wolling's Dante x Cadlanvalley Goldstar
Blanche Gemini x Vechtzichts Hywel
Russetwood Elation x Cottrell Artiste
Storhaugs Gwilym x Nebo Daniel
Springbourne Charmer x Ceulan Cariadog
Bowe x Veenstra's Promise

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Breeton Dai x Eyarth Tom-Tom
Brouwershaven Black Caviar x High Flown's Oxford
Nieuwmoed's Mr Right x Power And Paint
Coelenhage's Happy Hour x Orchard Red Prince
FS Champion De Luxe x Leuns Veld's Lord
Nieuwmoed's Mr Right x Orchard Boginov
Vlagberg's Bowden x Leuns Veld's Lord
Fronarth Joshua x Derwen Desert Express

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